Sunday, July 31, 2005

The evil snooze button

God, being the kind of guy that he is went & invented time.

Man, being man found a way to keep it (with clocks).

Satan went & ruined the whole show with the snooze button.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Little sister hits me

So my little sister is back from London for a few days, and she's going back tomorrow. Were up in my mothers house talking, and I'm standing there all relaxed
(big mistake) with my hands in my pockets. I cant remember what my sis was talking about before she started saying how she learned to punch, doesn't matter.
Anyway I'm standing there & she's like "my boyfriend taught me how to punch", at this point she starts doing air punches.
I'm still standing in front of her, totally at ease, you know; the way you get when your with a FAMILY MEMBER YOUR TRUST.
And she's all like " one two, one two", then what does she do?

Out of the blue, a great big punch to that soft spot below where your ribs meet, you know that place where your supposed to hit if your trying to kill someone.

This was not some random attack, oh no this was cleverly, evilly devised move. I see now the chat, the air punches, the being my little sister for the last
18 years was just a cover to get me to drop my guard for that one moment.

She says it was an accident, ya I can see "oh sorry there, didn't mean to do my no escape, ultimate killer death move on ya", oh yeah that's believable.

And she then tries to justify it.

Sis: you gotta be ready for anything in this city, you have to expect this kinda stuff out there on the streets, it's a bad world ya know.

She's got a point, I should expect that kinda thing ON THE STREETS, & I do, that's why I don't walk too close to drunks, junkies, & yobs. So they cant
get close enough to me to pull that kinda move.

But it must be a REALLY fuckin tough world out there when I have to "expect the unexpected" when I'm in the comfort of my family's home surrounded by
family members. What's next? Muggings from my niece & nephew? Knee cappings from my wife?

No lets drop the crap here, the real reason you (sister) pulled that punch on me was to see if hitting the most vulnerable spot on my upper body
(excluding my neck) would do anything. You wanted to see if that move your boyfriend taught you would work? And you wanted to find out on
someone you knew wouldn't retaliate(your big brother, i.e ME).

Well now you know it works, you know that if you pull it on some one else it'll drop them worse than a kick to the balls could, leaving them short or
breadth & wondering WHY THE FUCK YOU DID THAT!!!

Not cool sis, not cool.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Cisco Harasses Security Researcher

Here's Schneier's blog post about how cisco have been harasing the security reseacher.

TheCollective (final year project)

My final year of college is coming up & I have to build a piece of software (over the year). I want to make something useful & directly related to my "research".

So here's my idea:
name:TheCollective (or better)
  • A wiki where the user can personalize their view
  • A collaborative text editor, web based (like SubEthaEdit)
  • Web based chat, similar to an IM(Instant Messenger)
Bonus Features (no commitment):
  • Calendar/Scheduler
  • ToDo List
  • Project Management
  • SVG diagram drawing tool (similar to PowerPoint)
  • Chemical formulae tool
  • Mathematical formulae tool
  • Simple calculator
The purpose is to allow students to create coarse notes but to also be able to use other students notes. It will also allow students to co-operate/co-ordinate with others in their group, getting them to overcome the size, complexity & locational problems of such a group.

This should encourage the entire group to develope a collective intelligence, reducing the individual workload while improving average performance.

The application will be web based, so that all that's needed is a simple web browser & and internet connection.

I'm going to be writing it in ruby, using code from Rails, Instiki, Soks & ideas from MediaWiki.
Plan to use tagging but I don't know how I'll implement it, I want to try to avoid using any external packages including databases. But if I have to then it's going to be PostgreSQL.

I want people, students especially to be able to work on any project together without problems with location, time or even computing facilities. So that large or even massive groups can, together create something really useful.

Current Status on learning research

I've been doing a lot of research (secondary) into alternative stuctures & methods for learning, trying to find one with the best overall results.

And the area's or topics that I have come across continue to widen, and all of them being a fundamentally different method to traditional educational methods (teacher/student).

Starting with peer learning, with wiki's, blogs, collective learning, collective intelligence,original collective intelligence, & now most recently collaborative learning.

One of the most common themes going across all methods are the lack of authority, the lack of hierarchy. And the limits of hierarchy.

The observation of ant's, which have no hierarchy or authority's still manage highly organized & complex society's/entity's (nests/hives/colonies).

And that one of the possible solutions is to remove the hierarchy in education.

Film Review: Creep

Creep is a horror film based in the London underground, I saw the trailers for this & it looked really really good, & starting off it had the
perfect atmosphere with real potential. Unfortunately the film turns into one giant movie cliche.

Here's how it goes:
Girl falls asleep on platform in London underground (subway), gets locked in. Ok that seems reasonable. Then starts getting chased by some unknown,
unseen psycho killer, also fine. However here's where it gets crap.

The killer, who obviously has been living down there for a LONG time, without going on a killing spree, avoiding train drivers & security suddenly starts
killing everyone in sight. Starting out with dead bodies being found to people being pulled into the dark screaming.
Basically he kills EVERYONE EXCEPT the girl, why? Just to freak her out? Who knows.

Anyway as the film progresses you find out the character looks like a Jewish death camp victim barely capable of walking let alone pulling people up into vents ,by the head, with one hand & butchering them!

So this girl & a guy are then trapped in a cage, they get out, she sticks a stiletto heel in his (creeps)eye, now picture your self in this situation.

There's a person your after incapacitating, who happens to be a killer, now while he's on the floor in pain you have the choice of:
A)staying & finishing the job so he can't come after you or
B) run away so he can kill you later at his leisure.
Guess which one is picked.

And to wrap it all up, the girl, who has barely been able to run away at this point manages then to kill the guy, yes, the guy who overpowered EVERYONE else.
From security guards to breaking into trains & killing their driver's is finally killed by the girl.

This film had potential, the London underground is a freaky kinda place, it had the atmosphere, & they could have make this film completely terrorizing had they only made it realistic. People would shit themselves the next time they use the subway.

Sadly this is not the case, your left with a feeling of "the writer's should be shot, in the back of the head, twice".

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Film Festival Summary

Here are my reviews of the films I have seen, in my order of preference.
A Moment to Remember
This Charming Girl
The Housemaid
Aimless Bullet
The Coachman
Spider Forest
So Cute

As you may have guessed I completely love A Moment to Remember & really liked This Charming Girl. I don't really hate So Cute it's just no a real film.

Anyway this is what I have learned about Koreans, & Korean society from this experience.

1)All Korean guy's are semi psycho hard asses who are just as likely to headbut you or the nearest wall as they are to say hello.

2)All Korean males smoke like a trooper from birth onwards with all Korean women smoking the moment they lose their virginity.

3)Koreans really like sex, they have it all the time, anywhere.

4)And finally, adultery & affairs are as common as breathing in Korea.

Film Review: So Cute

What can I say except: WHAT???

There appears to be no real coherent story at all with this film, it leaves the audience wondering what the hell is going on, who's that, why is this happening & so on.

It could be a love story, it could be a drama, it could be a comedy, this is the riddle that the film gives us.

It has its funny, sad, dramatic moments but it doesn't have a theme.

I cant say that I like or dislike it, I don't know cause I really have no idea what happened.

Would I recommend this film, only to those who are devoid of anything better to watch or just curious.

And so comes an end to my Korean Film Festival.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wiki's: a collective intelligence

I like wiki's, in fact I love them, I particularly love Wikipedia the largest & greatest wiki of all.
I love reading them, I love it when I find a spelling mistake or some other error I can fix. I've even written an article, simple though the article is, even trivial. And after creating it the wiki took hold, others added relevant links, fixed spelling & even added a picture.The current article is at least 10 times better than what I originally created.

One of the coolest things about wiki's is their collective intelligence, no single person is a controlling authority, there is no one in charge. And it
doesn't matter that no one isn't running the show, what matters is what a single person knows that others don't, he adds this knowledge & everyone ends up smarter.

And on almost all topics everyone knows something that others don't, everyone has something they can contribute. So in a very direct way, a wiki is
a collective intelligence, and whatever their critics might say wiki's work; the quality of articles on Wikipedia are outstanding bar none (not including unfinished articles).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Film Review: The Coachman

Another 1960's film.

Well what can I say, it's a story about a coachman struggling to support his family & deal with the economic realities of such a life.

It's ok but the film isn't nearly good (or bad) enough to be memorable.
So while an alright film it's nothing really special.

Film Review: Hypnotised

Not good.

The musics pretty good, with a few really cool moments. However with a weak story where they try to make up for with LOTS of soft-core porn scenes.

Basicaly a story about infatuation & how it can destroy a person & the people aound them, with lots of sex scenes.

Film Review: Spider Forest

This is a Murder mystery/drama with a good few twists & turns, there is nothing really exceptional about the story, acting or even the music.

Not exceptionally good nor bad, however it is exceptionally easy to forget.
I would tell you more about the actual story but I've already forgotten, something to do with ghosts & hallucinations caused by stress yadda yadda yadda.

Monday, July 25, 2005

In dreams

Normaly I don't dream at night (I do but I usually don't remember), I try to keep my dreaming to the day time, especially when I'm on my bike ;-).

Last night (this morning actually) I dreamed me & one of my friends were in a Jeep, driving on the beach, pulling this old guy on a surf board behind us, when a huge wave came, washed the guy away & washed us (& the jeep) into a swamp or lake or something like that.

The car was sinking fast, so we closed up the windows, and it was strange, we could see out as it was isnking, the deep blue water, the bubbles streaming past.

And I dont think we were scared, the car filled up slowly, but sunk deep. It never reached the bottom, I woke up before then, before the car filled with water.
I don't know it just seemed strange I guess.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Film Review: A Moment to Remember

I will warn you in advance, as I write this review that my t-shirt is wet... from tears.

I have only 2 regrets from this film:
1) That I didn't come earlier, it was quite full (surprisingly) so the seat I had was shit.
2) That I had to share the cinema with other people, if I had been alone I would have been crying my eye's out from halfway through the movie.

This has to be one of the most emotional, beautiful film's that I have ever seen.
It's funny, it's romantic, it's heart wrenchingly tradgic, it's just beautiful.

This is one of those films that makes you feel how glad you are to be alive when you wake up in the morning.

OK, slow down, breath......... in.......... out.......
I'm alright, Im fine, sorry; got choked up.

Alright, the real stuff; the story: first class, acting: first class, music:didn't notice so it was good.

What can I say, I think Ive said it all.

Actual details of the film well, girl meets guy, girl falls in love with guy, guy romances girl, guy & girl get married, guy loses girl.
The end.

But seriously go see this film, with you boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife son daughter anyone, just not alone because this film will touch you in a way you never expected & you need to share that with your significant other.

Film Review: Aimless Bullet

This film is now the third black & white film I've actually enjoyed (in my life).

Again a 1960's post Korean war flick, very 1940's western style.

I have to say I really REALLY like this film, it's extremely honest, & the acting is very intense & very realistic in comparison to other western films of a similar era.

It centers around a family dealing with post war Korea & Korean society, especially for ex-soldiers which were (seemingly) abandoned on leaving the army.

The film itself is slow & mostly quiet, nothing really exceptional but just a good story, believable acting, & pure honesty.

Again, I'm not a fan of older films but I think this is an exception, if only the west was this honest with itself.

This film was actually banned in Korea for a number of years after it's original release because it it's uncompromising truth.

Film Review: The Housemaid

This is a 1960's Korean film with adultery as it's theme.

The style of the film is very 1940's western, it's dialog is cheesy, & the acting is the same along with many cliche's.
And it's because of these that makes this film a little gem, this film is so provocative for it's time that I can guarantee you it was banned from Catholic Ireland until recently, but to be honest I don't think anyone here knew about it until a few years ago anyway so it doesn't make much of a difference.

The film centers around a small family, husband (music teacher), traditional wife(makes cloths in home) & 2 children.
The family get a new home & find that they need a housemaid to keep it in order. The housemaid turns out to be after the husband & one night of "weakness" leads to the almost complete destruction of the family.

Two of the best points, when the husband is trying to go to his wife (downstairs) & the housemaid REALLY doesn't want him to, she grabs onto his leg, but this doesn't stop him, continuing to walk down the stairs with the housemaid attached to his leg. With her hitting her head on every step on the way down.

And the other at the end of the film, where the cast are all together for the, "well folks we've had a great time, but seriously adultery with the housmaid are nothing to be laughed at, you take care now" moment, although it wasn't in those exact word's it might as well have been.

I guess it's just from a different era.

The music is pretty terrible but doesn't add or take away from the film.

All in all the best black & white film I've seen since Schindlers List (1993) with Liam Neeson.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Film Review: This Charming Girl

The debut film for writer/director Lee Yoon-ki, & star Kim Ji Soo, made in 2004.

The Gist

We follow the main character around, observing her routine & humdrum life. She's a post office worker & much of the film centers around it & her own apartment.

That's essentially it, you watch her do very mundane things, with the occasional flash back of a traumatic event in her childhood that has scarred her.

The Verdict

Two words:really slow.
The film never picks up the pace, & with very little dialog it's filled with intense scene's of the mundane & ordinary, if that's not your thing then this flick ain't either.

However it offers the opportunity to have a window on some one's simple life for a while, the music is very un-obtrusive & fitting. This is a well shot film with very suitable dialog & it truly lives up to it's name. By the end you see she really is just a charming girl.

I like this film, for the simplicity & how it celebrates the ordinary. It's a welcome break from the extra-ordinary story's that receives most attention. Sometimes the simple things in life are the most beautiful, I find the towards the end her character has really grown on me.

If you like "Lost in Translation" or "Before Sunset" & sub-titles don't bother you, this film is probably for you, however don't watch if your tired, you'll fall asleep.

A sidenote, the entire staff of the Korean embassy were there as this was the opening film of the festival, along with 4 Korean nun's(in full gear).

Can we learn through the internet?

We've established learning is the transfer of knollege & skills from one person to another, & that this often happens through communication.
So what are the ways that we can communicate?

Through speech, writing, drawings I would think are the main ones. There is also examples, this can be done with video's if it's not hands on.

The internet allows us to communicate with each other through the above way's very efficiently, irrespective of time or location.
It can be asynchronous or synchronous (at the same time or different times).

So if we learn through communication(above mentioned methods), and we can communicate (again above) through the internet, then we can learn through the internet.

Which is very handy, because it means then that we don't have to be at there at that place or even time.

So can we learn through the internet?


Thursday, July 21, 2005

For the gigolo in you

For those of you who are aspiring to become a gigolo here's a few tips, from an old seasoned pro.

Ladies & Gentlemen....

May I present to you, the life & times of......
an exotic dancer, and how to become one.

Because strippers are people too.

Attack of the non lethal green fly

It was more of an over abundance than an attack but man, I must have swallowed at least 3 flies on the way to work this morning, and 2 on the way home. With hundreds more smacking into my face, I don't know what the story is but it's anoying.
There's nothin much worse than trying to fish a flies corpse out of your eye at high speed, on a questionable bike.

Learning from communication

"Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge, skill, and attitudes and values, through study, experience or teaching, that causes a change of behavior that is persistent, measurable, and specified. It is a process that depends on experience and leads to long-term changes in behavior potential. Behavior potential describes the possible behavior of an individual (not actual behavior) in a given situation in order to achieve a goal."
Quoted from Wikipedia

I would think this is mostly correct but for one thing left out, communication.
Much of our knowledge & skills are acquired through communication,just plain old talking to people (or writing, drawing etc).

Books for example, lectures etc have always been some of the more traditional way's
of learning (through communication). Nowadays we have the internet, with blog's, wiki's & instant messenging, essentially this is the same thing but with a tweak; it's pervasive, ubiquitous, de-centralized & uncensored.

There is no monopoly on the information from the teacher, or even being a teacher. On the net we learn from anyone who knows more than us, not just teachers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Laugh & the world laughs with you....

You know the saying:
Laugh & the world laughs with you,
cry & you cry alone.

What a sad & lonely bastard that thought that one up, what a miserable fucking life he must have lead. Deserted by friends when in tough times, or maybe no one wanted to know.
I wonder did that sad fucker kill himself? Probably, but what's even worse is he's pretty much right.

I find when I'm low I'm on my own, I guess I could talk about it with my friends but I'd get labeled a sad, complaining, miserable bastard. And not many people would want to hang around them. I can't remember where I heard it but one of the things a guy looks for in a friend(male) is him being funny, that means no whiners.

As for girl's well, I don't know, never really tried it. Being in an all boys primary & secondary school I saw what happened when you do this around guy's & I wasn't really prepared to try it with girls by the time they came along.

What do I do if it's too much for me? What if it's more than I can bear?
No one to talk to, no one to share the burden with, alone.

When I feel like this I want to leave it behind, to just leave everything & go away, from everything. From all my problems, from all my responsibilities, from all my worries.

When you have some one to share the burden with, they can take it for a while, & when your stronger you can take it back, you can pick up from where you left off. With no one to share with all there is to do is leave, and when you do you leave everything for good, there is no coming back, there is nowhere to pick up again from. You burn all your bridges.

I like watching films, while I'm watching I forget my life, I forget my responsibilities, I forget my worries. And for a time I'm some one else, but then it all comes back, as strong as before.

Two weeks ago, for nearly an entire week I had no worries, I had no responsibilities, I had no problems. For that week I was myself without the problems, and I've never had that, I've never been there. And I know I can never have a week like that again in my life, for that one week everything was right, it was perfect, just by itself, with no work.

I'm glad it happened, and at the same time so sad to see it go. I can't bring it back, all I can do is remember. Sometimes life gets in the way, and it happens so fast that you don't even see it.
All you know is that you've changed, & you can never be the same again, & you don't know if it's better or worse, just different, everything different.

And to see the people from this life changing time go back to their own lives,it's almost enough to break your heart.

Day of shit

I have had a really shitty day.
Didn't have any breakfast, crashed into a (stationairy) car on the way to work.
Had only 2 x 10 minute tasks for the entire day.
And then on the way home the guy who I hit calls & tells me it's gona cost me 200 Euro to fix his paint job.
And the only thing I had to look forward to when I got home was a bar of chocolate.

Shitty fuckin day.

Todays Wierd Link's

LinkThanks again Jonas, don't know how he came across this one but it's sure wierd, or at least different.
Well here it is folk's Crying while Eating ,Horse Haters
Understanding Rednecks

Through the grape vine

Isn't gossip an interesting thing?
I dont know which cultures gossip the most but I'm pretty sure that the Irish & Chinese are high up there on the list.
In recent conversations with my wife I have come to learn about some of the stories that are circulating about me & my wife
in her home city (in China).

When I talked to her yesterday, the first things was that an "individual" was spreading the "news".
The story was that I had divorced her(my wife) & that was why she was in China, alone for so long. Now you
might think that thats not such a big deal, but here's the funny bit; this person was going round telling:
the milkman
the hairdresser
the bycycle repair guy & others.

Whoa, that's nasty & here's something even more funny, the gossip has evolved, in one day.

No longer have I just abandonded my wife, but "apparently" my wife (before we got married) stole me off another girl,
FORCED me to marry her, & during the time while my wife was away(in China), I went back to the girl my wife stole me from, & then
got a divorce, & that's why she(my "divorced" wife) is staying in China so long.

Wow, I should copyright this stuff & see if I can make a soap out of it, this stuff is priceless gold!

But seriously, people who gossip have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about other, more interesting people.

And the it's the same here (in Ireland), I havn't heard any of the gossip going around but I know theres loads of it (about me & my wife, among other
things). To be honest I couldn't care less about it, I'm too busy living my own life to sit & gossip about some one else's.

Still think it's funny though, I wonder what the story will have evolved into in a weeks time? Perhaps that I am the OverFiend & my wife was
one of my victims, who knows.

Don't be a menace to society....

I used to think that I was the mac daddy of cycling, the kind of guy that other cyclists want to be & motorists hate, I would sail through traffic, squeeze through impossible gaps. Red lights held no power over me!

This morning, on the way to work all was normal, I'm going through the city center, but I'm in my own little world. Dreaming away I look up & think "oh look the traffic lights are changing?".

Then I look forward & think "where did that come from?"

Then I hit the car.

Now can you say "Dumb shit!" & point at me?

Scratched up the back of his car real good, but he was cool about it, I gave him my name, number & address, he says he's not going to screw me(hope not).

Anyway, today's lesson is:
when your on the road don't fucking daydream.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ring of Fire

Love is a burning thing
and it makes a firery ring
bound by wild desire
I fell in to a ring of fire...

I fell in to a burning ring of fire
I went down,down,down
and the flames went higher.
And it burns,burns,burns
the ring of fire
the ring of fire.
(Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire)

Golden Romanian Smile Part Deux!

An unfortunate situation to have gold teeth (Romainian steriotype)

I'm learning Swedish!

If only all language lessons were this funny! After this you'll never approach language learning the same way again, or even at all.
(Thanks Jonas for this)

This was brought to you by SlayRadio, C64 & Amiga music remixes, nice.

Lesson 1
sound file

Lesson 2

sound file

Lesson 3
sound file

Parents say/do the darndest things.

I was thinking last night(& just remembered) about some of the things my parents did & said; mainly my father.

I always had a habbit of eating stuff before anyone could get their hands on it. And over the yers this steriotype has continued.

One of the common complaints by my father was I would always eat/drink such n such before he even got the chance to touch it.
my defence was always that he would just leave stuff there until it goes off, & then becomes inedible.

recently this has been proven correct, I finished of a carton of Orange Juice, my dad was anoyed so I got him another one & this time I wouldn't touch it, at all.

2 months go by, the juice goes out of date, and it is now over 4 months since I got him that juice & it's still in the fridge.

This goes to prove 2 things.
1)My original belief that I had all these years had been proven correct
2)That despite the evidence parents will still always think they're right, the common excuse "but that was this time, what about next?".

Just goes to show i's nearly impossible to reason with parents.

That lasted long

Well I didn't get up to run this morning, that plan lasted really long, a whole day.
I just hope my resolve to work is better than my resolve to workout.

Lunch today

Ive got some head on me this morning, the baking powder got rid of the indigestion (for now) but Ive got a gut full of lead, and it's only 10:30am.
This day is going to drag on slower than mould gnawing it's way out of an old carton of milk. What have I got to look foreward to today? Maybee an email from
my wife, don't know; she didn't send me one yesterday, I'm sure she had a good reason (she'd better have a good reason).

Right now I'm looking foreward to 12, lunchtime, so i'll twiddle my thumbs here for another hour & a half detailing the excrutiating boredom of my
workday routine. In about 15 minutes i'll take a trip to the toilet, not because I need to go, because I need to be seen to move around & still alive.

"Yep I'm still here everyone, I haven't died at my desk yet, look I'm going to the jax; not interested, ok i'll see you again in about 45 for another trip."
Or maybee ill go & sit in the server room for a while, & look busy.

Thank god for iTunes & mp3's, if it were not for that i'd just sit here & drool, try to kill myself with a paper clip.

But theres only so many times you can listen to the same songs, until they start to get on your nerves *sings to himself* "I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that will get on your nerves, get, get, get on your nerves.".
*Sings to himself again* " This aint no real work your doin here, oh no , this is the road to hell".

And what have I got to look foreward to for lunch? Cheese & mayionayse sanditches, the cheese coming from one of those re-sealable bags where it seals only
the middle & not the ends, the reasons I'm guessing is so not to sufficate children, you know children being a common item stored in such bags & what not.

Listening to the theme from terminator 2 now, keep picturing myself in leather coming into the office, load of guns & just going postal, I'm starting to
wonder how does this company actually make money, I mean I sit here & just waste my time, I guess (its 11am, great only 1 hour until lunch) there must be some one else who's actually doing something wirth getting paid for.

Thinking back to when I used to work in McDonnalds, it was hard work & the pay was absolutly crap, at the time I didn't qualify for minimum wage because I was under 18. But one thing about it was you never had to think, usually you never had time to think.

Now I get paid about double that & it gives me all the time in the world to think about how bored I am, so I guess I'm getting paid to be bored, not because
that's what the job requires but because thats the unoffial culture here, and from what Ive read on the net thats the unofficial culture in most places.

Think dilbert, think office space, think the office and thats where I'm at. One of the reasons I think that these are popular is because thats what
office life is actually like, but for some reason no one is allowed to say. It's like some big horrible corporate secret.

There is a lecturer from my college (Ed Dennehy), who is doing a thesis (for a doctorite) on synicysm in Irish the workplace, using the college as his example.
Better go for a toilet brake, I might hag out in the server room for a bit.
Back now, Im glad thats over with, wont have to that again until after lunch.

One of the more annoying things is not so much that I'm in a cubicle but half a cubicle, and I'm beside the isle, to which my boss walks past on a regular
basis, so i must give the impression of doing some work instead of actually doing work, I must seem busy instead of being busy.
Wo this is starting to sound very prolific, almost bhuddist, I should begin a manuscript.

Zen & the art of avoiding work.

To truly avoid work you must first believe, firstly that you are a very intelligent & productive soul;
secondly that the work that has been assigned to you is simply not worth doing, such that stalling, contemplating your exsistence, & trying to think of
different names for what you have done in order to give the impression to your superior that you have accomplished something.
Thirdly, that someone else somewhere within the company is going to actually do the work in your stead.

I might actually expand on this in the future, although it does sound like to much work.

11:25am, think i'll check my websites again, maybee something has changed.

HO-LY, I got yahoo chat working, oh it's so good, no longer alone behind this corporate firewall. (time is 11:32 & nothing new on my websites, & no one online I know to talk to).
20 minutes to lunch.

The food people are after emailing todays menu:

Tomato & Fresh Ginger Soup
Roast Topside Beef Served with Horseradish & Gravy
Hawaiian Ciabatta Pizza
Vegetable Mousaka
Crispy Roast Potatoes
Braised Red Cabbage & Apple
Rhubarb Crumble & Custard
*Selection of Ice Cream Now available *

oooh theyre getting fancy, putting pictures in their emails, wait a sec.... what they serve doesnt look like that!

Think I'm going to stick to my cheese sandwitches with cheese from non killing tiny child re-sealable bags.

Off to lunch I go, in 10 minutes.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Fight that fire inthe the belly with...

A teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water. Well thats what I'm gona try.
Right now I'd eat dog crap if it would kill this pain.

Indigestion, electric toothbrushes & windows

Went to bed pretty early cause I'm wrecked from my first day in the office (didnt sleep much the night before).
Well I got woken up after about 4 hours with indigestion, I gues that's what happens when your diet consists of milk, wheetabix & tesco noodles.
Anyway, all I could think of while I was in bed was "how useless are electric toothbrushes?, theyre like vibrators for your mouth, I mean are some people so lazy that they can't move their own hands properly to clean their teeth?".
My big sister got me a cheap one for my birthday, maybee it's just this model is crap(perhaps not all electric toothbrushes were created equally), I used it 2 times before giving up on the thing.

So I got up (exactly midnight) to go get some antacid, something to kill this fire in my gut, but the local shops only got calpol(chilrens cough medecine).
So I went up to my mothers, she aint got nothing either, so I decide to check the net for a household remedy, like bleach or toilet duck or something.
While I'm at it I log onto yahoo to see if anyones around & this guy hijacks my profile!

So I do what any self respecting system administrator would do, close the gate after the horses have left. Get some free antivirus, firwall, spyware killler etc, uninstall some crap.
And it's taken me 1 & 1/2 hours to get done! How useless is Windows?

Anyway, Im tired & I'm still gettin up early for a run so I gotta run.

The dead & the office worker

H O L Y crap!
Work has gotten so boring I just can't believe humans can survive this.
I can't cut my wrists fast enough!
It's like, I wake up, get out of bed..... 11 hours later I'm beside the bed again, learned nothing new, had absolutely no new experiences.
I might as well have been in a comma I MEAN I DID NOTHING, and it's not like I had nothing to do it's just nothing was better than work!

Is this how most people make a living? Get up, clock in, die, clock out, resurrected!
I mean if this is what it means to "get a job" I'd rather be unemployed, I'd rather whore my ass out, at least it would be interesting!
I want to do work not have a job.
And what I have to do in that place is not work, it's digging holes in sand with a tea-spoon, take some out, some falls back in again, repeat for 9 hours, go home & do it all again tomorrow.

I am putting a bounty on my head as of this moment to take me out if I take a job in an office after college.
Thank the great & almighty god that this is just work experience.

A day in the park, the Pheonix park

All pictures taken by Farris Bukhatwa

Work all day, for some old man...

I got up this morning just after 5am, I probably only fell asleep around 2.30-3am so I definitely didn't get a good nights rest.
Was feeling sick from having Tesco noodles before I went to bed, my own fault, had a glass of water, got on my runners & went for a run.

Now you have to remember that I haven't run since I was 16, the most since then has been a short sprint to catch the bus.
Guess I must have run about 3km, by the time I got back to my front door I couldn't breath, it took another 1/2 hour on the floor before I
could get up again.

In work now, after my holiday's and it's pretty much the same, pretending to work, get the urgent stuff out of the way then just surf the net.
What a soul killing experience, the whole concept of this thing called an "office" should be banned, work is something you do not somewhere you go.

Now I have to see if I can keep up the whole morning routine, don't think it will last more than a week if I can't get to bed earlier than 12 and asleep
before 4am.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Your children own you.

I had the realisaton last night that your kids own you. And it's not the first time I heard it, but it only registered last night.
I came in from a friends house (into my mothers), I wanted to check my mail but my sisters kids were having none of it, I was playing with them and that was final.

And I can just imagine when my wife & son return home, when I finish work or college as soon as I get in I'm theirs.
I could probably do something else but to be honest what could be better than playing with my kids & wife.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Korean Film Festival!!!!!

The Korean Film Festival is starting onJuly 22nd in the IFI(Irish Film Institute) in Temple Bar.
I will be getting tickets for:
Spider Forest
A Moment to Remember
So Cute
This Charming Girl
The Housemaid
Aimless Bullet
The Coachman

Films that I've already seen:
OLDBOY (a great great film, have it on DVD)
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring (Another great one, a good perspective on Bhuddism)
A Tale of Two Sisters (not great)
Save the Green Planet (OK, a bit too strange for me though).

Korean film has been getting really really good lately, especially with OldBoy.
I'll put up a review of the films as I go see them.
Oooooh so looking foreward to it.

You know your single when...

You have microwave popcorn for your lunch.
You get up after mid-day whenever your not working.
You dont change your cloths for more 3 days or more because your "not doing anything".
You shave once a week or less because your "not doing anything".
You shower once every 3 days or less because your "not doing anything"
You dont shower on Saturday & Sunday because your not working & your "not doing anything"
You find that your fridge is stocked with empty milk cartons & out of date eggs.
Your only food source is Tesco noodles & Wheetabix.
Your freezer has food in it more than a year old.
You have your own apartment but spend most your time up in your mothers.
You microwave CD's because your bored.
You pray to god someone will email/text/call you just so you can talk.
You blog too much about nothing.

I'm not single but I might as well be, my wife & son are in China and I ave been away from them for nearly a year.

Best Stuff from the 80's

I was born in the 80's, and it's the decade that I spent my childhood.
And I have been planning for some time to get all my favourite songs from that time.
true there was some really really REALLY bad music/cloths/films then but there was some good stuff too.

I want to capture the best from that periond, the best music, the best films, maybe not the cloths I still think that was a mistake.

For music so far I have:
Anne Lennox/Eurithmics
Steve Wonder
Air Supply
Roy Orbison

For films:
Top Gun
The Never Ending Story

Any other suggestions please leave a post.

Friday, July 15, 2005

A BBQ to far

Today I had the 3rd BBQ in 2 weeks and I just cant take anymore, Im stuffed, I had so much meat all I could do was lie on the grass & gurgle for a good hour. Im goin to get fat if the weather stays like this (very nice) for much longer.
And my gran got drunk again, she started falling off her chair & trying to do leg kicks to her own version of Sinatra.
But if thats the worst complaint about life I have then I'm pretty fortunate & hope it stays this way.

There simply is nothing better than having a belly full of food & kicking back to have a look at the sky for a while, well just a few things better.

Another one leaves the nest

My little sister left today, moved to London with her boyfriend.
She'll be back in a week to get more of her stuff.

I don't know what to feel, I'm happy for her that she's living the life she wants now but at the same time I'm gonna miss her.

My little sister is growing up, wow when did that happen?

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Golden Romanian Smile

When me & Ferris were in town last night we had some Chinese in Charlie's II(cheap for Chinese) in temple bar.
I ordered roast duck & Ferris had kung po chicken.

We were sitting there eating our food, with 2 guys beside us.
One of them starts to ask us what we are eating, he then asks me can
he have some of my food (I didn't know these people), so I give him
some, he then wants me to have some of his, no thanks.

He says "look at those lovely girls" as
some walk past the window, I show him my ring and saying I'm
married, he then asks what I do how old am I and stuff like
I give him the low down, 22, wife & child, job & college & supporting parents (not really,I just started exaggerating)
And then as me and Ferris are leaving his friend gives me a piece of
paper saying he's from Kosovo & he has a wife & child & can he have
some money.
Both these guys had a mouth full of gold teeth, nice leather jackets, and his friend was only after telling me they're Romainian.
Well I laughed & left.

So in future if a Romainian start talking to you be careful he's either looking to have your dinner or your money.

I need some sleep

For the past week I've been having to much of a great time to really get much sleep usually about 4-5 hours, yesterday I got 2 hours.

Well by about 9pm last night me & Ferris were in town, and well the effects of not getting enough sleep were plain to see.
I kept seeing my friends faces everywhere & everyone I heard talk appeared to be speaking German.
In conclusion not getting enough sleep causes you to hear German.

It begins here

27 degree's was one of the highest tempature during that week in July 2005, it was some of the finest weather I have ever seen in dirty Dublin and so this blog is named in honor of it.