Monday, July 18, 2005

The dead & the office worker

H O L Y crap!
Work has gotten so boring I just can't believe humans can survive this.
I can't cut my wrists fast enough!
It's like, I wake up, get out of bed..... 11 hours later I'm beside the bed again, learned nothing new, had absolutely no new experiences.
I might as well have been in a comma I MEAN I DID NOTHING, and it's not like I had nothing to do it's just nothing was better than work!

Is this how most people make a living? Get up, clock in, die, clock out, resurrected!
I mean if this is what it means to "get a job" I'd rather be unemployed, I'd rather whore my ass out, at least it would be interesting!
I want to do work not have a job.
And what I have to do in that place is not work, it's digging holes in sand with a tea-spoon, take some out, some falls back in again, repeat for 9 hours, go home & do it all again tomorrow.

I am putting a bounty on my head as of this moment to take me out if I take a job in an office after college.
Thank the great & almighty god that this is just work experience.


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