Thursday, July 28, 2005

Film Festival Summary

Here are my reviews of the films I have seen, in my order of preference.
A Moment to Remember
This Charming Girl
The Housemaid
Aimless Bullet
The Coachman
Spider Forest
So Cute

As you may have guessed I completely love A Moment to Remember & really liked This Charming Girl. I don't really hate So Cute it's just no a real film.

Anyway this is what I have learned about Koreans, & Korean society from this experience.

1)All Korean guy's are semi psycho hard asses who are just as likely to headbut you or the nearest wall as they are to say hello.

2)All Korean males smoke like a trooper from birth onwards with all Korean women smoking the moment they lose their virginity.

3)Koreans really like sex, they have it all the time, anywhere.

4)And finally, adultery & affairs are as common as breathing in Korea.


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