Sunday, July 24, 2005

Film Review: Aimless Bullet

This film is now the third black & white film I've actually enjoyed (in my life).

Again a 1960's post Korean war flick, very 1940's western style.

I have to say I really REALLY like this film, it's extremely honest, & the acting is very intense & very realistic in comparison to other western films of a similar era.

It centers around a family dealing with post war Korea & Korean society, especially for ex-soldiers which were (seemingly) abandoned on leaving the army.

The film itself is slow & mostly quiet, nothing really exceptional but just a good story, believable acting, & pure honesty.

Again, I'm not a fan of older films but I think this is an exception, if only the west was this honest with itself.

This film was actually banned in Korea for a number of years after it's original release because it it's uncompromising truth.


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