Friday, July 29, 2005

Film Review: Creep

Creep is a horror film based in the London underground, I saw the trailers for this & it looked really really good, & starting off it had the
perfect atmosphere with real potential. Unfortunately the film turns into one giant movie cliche.

Here's how it goes:
Girl falls asleep on platform in London underground (subway), gets locked in. Ok that seems reasonable. Then starts getting chased by some unknown,
unseen psycho killer, also fine. However here's where it gets crap.

The killer, who obviously has been living down there for a LONG time, without going on a killing spree, avoiding train drivers & security suddenly starts
killing everyone in sight. Starting out with dead bodies being found to people being pulled into the dark screaming.
Basically he kills EVERYONE EXCEPT the girl, why? Just to freak her out? Who knows.

Anyway as the film progresses you find out the character looks like a Jewish death camp victim barely capable of walking let alone pulling people up into vents ,by the head, with one hand & butchering them!

So this girl & a guy are then trapped in a cage, they get out, she sticks a stiletto heel in his (creeps)eye, now picture your self in this situation.

There's a person your after incapacitating, who happens to be a killer, now while he's on the floor in pain you have the choice of:
A)staying & finishing the job so he can't come after you or
B) run away so he can kill you later at his leisure.
Guess which one is picked.

And to wrap it all up, the girl, who has barely been able to run away at this point manages then to kill the guy, yes, the guy who overpowered EVERYONE else.
From security guards to breaking into trains & killing their driver's is finally killed by the girl.

This film had potential, the London underground is a freaky kinda place, it had the atmosphere, & they could have make this film completely terrorizing had they only made it realistic. People would shit themselves the next time they use the subway.

Sadly this is not the case, your left with a feeling of "the writer's should be shot, in the back of the head, twice".


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