Friday, July 22, 2005

Film Review: This Charming Girl

The debut film for writer/director Lee Yoon-ki, & star Kim Ji Soo, made in 2004.

The Gist

We follow the main character around, observing her routine & humdrum life. She's a post office worker & much of the film centers around it & her own apartment.

That's essentially it, you watch her do very mundane things, with the occasional flash back of a traumatic event in her childhood that has scarred her.

The Verdict

Two words:really slow.
The film never picks up the pace, & with very little dialog it's filled with intense scene's of the mundane & ordinary, if that's not your thing then this flick ain't either.

However it offers the opportunity to have a window on some one's simple life for a while, the music is very un-obtrusive & fitting. This is a well shot film with very suitable dialog & it truly lives up to it's name. By the end you see she really is just a charming girl.

I like this film, for the simplicity & how it celebrates the ordinary. It's a welcome break from the extra-ordinary story's that receives most attention. Sometimes the simple things in life are the most beautiful, I find the towards the end her character has really grown on me.

If you like "Lost in Translation" or "Before Sunset" & sub-titles don't bother you, this film is probably for you, however don't watch if your tired, you'll fall asleep.

A sidenote, the entire staff of the Korean embassy were there as this was the opening film of the festival, along with 4 Korean nun's(in full gear).


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