Monday, July 25, 2005

In dreams

Normaly I don't dream at night (I do but I usually don't remember), I try to keep my dreaming to the day time, especially when I'm on my bike ;-).

Last night (this morning actually) I dreamed me & one of my friends were in a Jeep, driving on the beach, pulling this old guy on a surf board behind us, when a huge wave came, washed the guy away & washed us (& the jeep) into a swamp or lake or something like that.

The car was sinking fast, so we closed up the windows, and it was strange, we could see out as it was isnking, the deep blue water, the bubbles streaming past.

And I dont think we were scared, the car filled up slowly, but sunk deep. It never reached the bottom, I woke up before then, before the car filled with water.
I don't know it just seemed strange I guess.


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