Monday, July 18, 2005

Indigestion, electric toothbrushes & windows

Went to bed pretty early cause I'm wrecked from my first day in the office (didnt sleep much the night before).
Well I got woken up after about 4 hours with indigestion, I gues that's what happens when your diet consists of milk, wheetabix & tesco noodles.
Anyway, all I could think of while I was in bed was "how useless are electric toothbrushes?, theyre like vibrators for your mouth, I mean are some people so lazy that they can't move their own hands properly to clean their teeth?".
My big sister got me a cheap one for my birthday, maybee it's just this model is crap(perhaps not all electric toothbrushes were created equally), I used it 2 times before giving up on the thing.

So I got up (exactly midnight) to go get some antacid, something to kill this fire in my gut, but the local shops only got calpol(chilrens cough medecine).
So I went up to my mothers, she aint got nothing either, so I decide to check the net for a household remedy, like bleach or toilet duck or something.
While I'm at it I log onto yahoo to see if anyones around & this guy hijacks my profile!

So I do what any self respecting system administrator would do, close the gate after the horses have left. Get some free antivirus, firwall, spyware killler etc, uninstall some crap.
And it's taken me 1 & 1/2 hours to get done! How useless is Windows?

Anyway, Im tired & I'm still gettin up early for a run so I gotta run.


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