Saturday, July 30, 2005

Little sister hits me

So my little sister is back from London for a few days, and she's going back tomorrow. Were up in my mothers house talking, and I'm standing there all relaxed
(big mistake) with my hands in my pockets. I cant remember what my sis was talking about before she started saying how she learned to punch, doesn't matter.
Anyway I'm standing there & she's like "my boyfriend taught me how to punch", at this point she starts doing air punches.
I'm still standing in front of her, totally at ease, you know; the way you get when your with a FAMILY MEMBER YOUR TRUST.
And she's all like " one two, one two", then what does she do?

Out of the blue, a great big punch to that soft spot below where your ribs meet, you know that place where your supposed to hit if your trying to kill someone.

This was not some random attack, oh no this was cleverly, evilly devised move. I see now the chat, the air punches, the being my little sister for the last
18 years was just a cover to get me to drop my guard for that one moment.

She says it was an accident, ya I can see "oh sorry there, didn't mean to do my no escape, ultimate killer death move on ya", oh yeah that's believable.

And she then tries to justify it.

Sis: you gotta be ready for anything in this city, you have to expect this kinda stuff out there on the streets, it's a bad world ya know.

She's got a point, I should expect that kinda thing ON THE STREETS, & I do, that's why I don't walk too close to drunks, junkies, & yobs. So they cant
get close enough to me to pull that kinda move.

But it must be a REALLY fuckin tough world out there when I have to "expect the unexpected" when I'm in the comfort of my family's home surrounded by
family members. What's next? Muggings from my niece & nephew? Knee cappings from my wife?

No lets drop the crap here, the real reason you (sister) pulled that punch on me was to see if hitting the most vulnerable spot on my upper body
(excluding my neck) would do anything. You wanted to see if that move your boyfriend taught you would work? And you wanted to find out on
someone you knew wouldn't retaliate(your big brother, i.e ME).

Well now you know it works, you know that if you pull it on some one else it'll drop them worse than a kick to the balls could, leaving them short or
breadth & wondering WHY THE FUCK YOU DID THAT!!!

Not cool sis, not cool.


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