Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Parents say/do the darndest things.

I was thinking last night(& just remembered) about some of the things my parents did & said; mainly my father.

I always had a habbit of eating stuff before anyone could get their hands on it. And over the yers this steriotype has continued.

One of the common complaints by my father was I would always eat/drink such n such before he even got the chance to touch it.
my defence was always that he would just leave stuff there until it goes off, & then becomes inedible.

recently this has been proven correct, I finished of a carton of Orange Juice, my dad was anoyed so I got him another one & this time I wouldn't touch it, at all.

2 months go by, the juice goes out of date, and it is now over 4 months since I got him that juice & it's still in the fridge.

This goes to prove 2 things.
1)My original belief that I had all these years had been proven correct
2)That despite the evidence parents will still always think they're right, the common excuse "but that was this time, what about next?".

Just goes to show i's nearly impossible to reason with parents.


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