Friday, July 29, 2005

TheCollective (final year project)

My final year of college is coming up & I have to build a piece of software (over the year). I want to make something useful & directly related to my "research".

So here's my idea:
name:TheCollective (or better)
  • A wiki where the user can personalize their view
  • A collaborative text editor, web based (like SubEthaEdit)
  • Web based chat, similar to an IM(Instant Messenger)
Bonus Features (no commitment):
  • Calendar/Scheduler
  • ToDo List
  • Project Management
  • SVG diagram drawing tool (similar to PowerPoint)
  • Chemical formulae tool
  • Mathematical formulae tool
  • Simple calculator
The purpose is to allow students to create coarse notes but to also be able to use other students notes. It will also allow students to co-operate/co-ordinate with others in their group, getting them to overcome the size, complexity & locational problems of such a group.

This should encourage the entire group to develope a collective intelligence, reducing the individual workload while improving average performance.

The application will be web based, so that all that's needed is a simple web browser & and internet connection.

I'm going to be writing it in ruby, using code from Rails, Instiki, Soks & ideas from MediaWiki.
Plan to use tagging but I don't know how I'll implement it, I want to try to avoid using any external packages including databases. But if I have to then it's going to be PostgreSQL.

I want people, students especially to be able to work on any project together without problems with location, time or even computing facilities. So that large or even massive groups can, together create something really useful.


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