Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Through the grape vine

Isn't gossip an interesting thing?
I dont know which cultures gossip the most but I'm pretty sure that the Irish & Chinese are high up there on the list.
In recent conversations with my wife I have come to learn about some of the stories that are circulating about me & my wife
in her home city (in China).

When I talked to her yesterday, the first things was that an "individual" was spreading the "news".
The story was that I had divorced her(my wife) & that was why she was in China, alone for so long. Now you
might think that thats not such a big deal, but here's the funny bit; this person was going round telling:
the milkman
the hairdresser
the bycycle repair guy & others.

Whoa, that's nasty & here's something even more funny, the gossip has evolved, in one day.

No longer have I just abandonded my wife, but "apparently" my wife (before we got married) stole me off another girl,
FORCED me to marry her, & during the time while my wife was away(in China), I went back to the girl my wife stole me from, & then
got a divorce, & that's why she(my "divorced" wife) is staying in China so long.

Wow, I should copyright this stuff & see if I can make a soap out of it, this stuff is priceless gold!

But seriously, people who gossip have nothing better to do with their lives than talk about other, more interesting people.

And the it's the same here (in Ireland), I havn't heard any of the gossip going around but I know theres loads of it (about me & my wife, among other
things). To be honest I couldn't care less about it, I'm too busy living my own life to sit & gossip about some one else's.

Still think it's funny though, I wonder what the story will have evolved into in a weeks time? Perhaps that I am the OverFiend & my wife was
one of my victims, who knows.


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