Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wiki's: a collective intelligence

I like wiki's, in fact I love them, I particularly love Wikipedia the largest & greatest wiki of all.
I love reading them, I love it when I find a spelling mistake or some other error I can fix. I've even written an article, simple though the article is, even trivial. And after creating it the wiki took hold, others added relevant links, fixed spelling & even added a picture.The current article is at least 10 times better than what I originally created.

One of the coolest things about wiki's is their collective intelligence, no single person is a controlling authority, there is no one in charge. And it
doesn't matter that no one isn't running the show, what matters is what a single person knows that others don't, he adds this knowledge & everyone ends up smarter.

And on almost all topics everyone knows something that others don't, everyone has something they can contribute. So in a very direct way, a wiki is
a collective intelligence, and whatever their critics might say wiki's work; the quality of articles on Wikipedia are outstanding bar none (not including unfinished articles).


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