Monday, July 18, 2005

Work all day, for some old man...

I got up this morning just after 5am, I probably only fell asleep around 2.30-3am so I definitely didn't get a good nights rest.
Was feeling sick from having Tesco noodles before I went to bed, my own fault, had a glass of water, got on my runners & went for a run.

Now you have to remember that I haven't run since I was 16, the most since then has been a short sprint to catch the bus.
Guess I must have run about 3km, by the time I got back to my front door I couldn't breath, it took another 1/2 hour on the floor before I
could get up again.

In work now, after my holiday's and it's pretty much the same, pretending to work, get the urgent stuff out of the way then just surf the net.
What a soul killing experience, the whole concept of this thing called an "office" should be banned, work is something you do not somewhere you go.

Now I have to see if I can keep up the whole morning routine, don't think it will last more than a week if I can't get to bed earlier than 12 and asleep
before 4am.


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