Saturday, July 16, 2005

You know your single when...

You have microwave popcorn for your lunch.
You get up after mid-day whenever your not working.
You dont change your cloths for more 3 days or more because your "not doing anything".
You shave once a week or less because your "not doing anything".
You shower once every 3 days or less because your "not doing anything"
You dont shower on Saturday & Sunday because your not working & your "not doing anything"
You find that your fridge is stocked with empty milk cartons & out of date eggs.
Your only food source is Tesco noodles & Wheetabix.
Your freezer has food in it more than a year old.
You have your own apartment but spend most your time up in your mothers.
You microwave CD's because your bored.
You pray to god someone will email/text/call you just so you can talk.
You blog too much about nothing.

I'm not single but I might as well be, my wife & son are in China and I ave been away from them for nearly a year.


  • You know your single when your eating a bag of grated cheese because there arent any snacks left in the house.

    By Blogger John McCarthy, at 10:43 a.m.  

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