Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Failed Busines Part 1

It was coming to the end of my first year in college (I study I.T.)
and I was just after learning how to write in HTML. At the time I
really really didn't want to work for anyone,
because the only experience I had was in fast food places (like
McDonnalds, Burger King & an seeminly endless line of chip shops).
I was, understandably sick of working with food but there was my
problem, anyjob (non food) I applied gave me the same answer "well
your only experience was with (fast) food, so I think you had better
stick to that".

I was getting desperate, newly married (12th of May previous) and
needed a job, true my wife had work & we were living with my dad so we
didn't pay rent but I needed work.

So here was the dilema, I needed work, but the only choices were with
fast food, which I didn't want to do. And I had the answer, work for
my self, with computers!
It was so simple, such a great idea it was perfect, all I had to do
was think of something I could do with computers.
And after just learning how to write HTML I guessed I'd do that.

My HTML skill's were'nt great so I couldn't charge a lot, and who
would want's a cheap website?

The package website!, a website for anyone, for just 30 Euro I would
create their own website from a choice of templates & designes, and
find them afree place to host it.

Great, I had an idea so all I had to do now was execute or so I thought.


  • Most important thing when looking for any job is experience. Do some work for free if necessary to gain the needed xp. Put down everything relevant on your CV.

    By Blogger Darren Woodford, at 4:42 a.m.  

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