Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Failed Busines Part 2

So I had my idea, now all I needed was to go & do it.
I went down to the company registration office and started Iron Guard Limited,
actually it was about a month of filling out paperwork to get it
registered but we (me & my wife, but mostly me) got it done.

Then the summer came & I got to work on my website (I got a hosting
service for 100EUR per year with the name web-pulse.net).
Wanting to keep in the mood of having a job I got up at 8.30 and put
on a shirt & tie,
then I sat at my PC (in my living room) from 9-5pm writing all the
HTML by hand.
At the time I didn't like the tools available (Mozilla writer,Scream
etc, remember I was using Linux) so I wrote all of it by hand with a
text editor.
For about 30 pages (about 5 pages for the site itself & then 25 templates).
I spent the whole week on the site, along with creating graphics using
the gimp (a free graphics tool).

Now you must remember I wasn't a graphics designer or a good web
designer either, and my only business experience was asking people if
they wanted fries with that?

So the quality of what I had done ,was questionable but as far as I
was concerned it was great.
I was feeling pretty good with myself, I wasn't sure if I could make
myself actually do any work at home and by the end of the week I had
the website finished.

Next came the business part, when I would tell the world about my idea


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