Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Failed Busines Part 3

I needed to let people know that I was open for business, so who were
my customers?
Guessed just anyone without a website, I thought that by pricing
myself so low (30EUR remember) that I would find someone.
A granny, a schoolkid, some very small business whatever I didn't
care. I was targeting anyone & everyone.

I decided to make some flyer's & just hand them out to people, in the
city center, why not I thought.
My motto being (not officially but in practice) "cheaper than the
cheapest cheap, cheaper, still not cheap enough!", which looking back
turned out to be a good idea, I think one of the only things that I
did right.

We found a copy store where we had our flyer's made (actually it was
an A4 sheet, with 6 flyer's printed on it, we cut them up later) I
think that cost us about 30EUR or there abouts.
So we just needed to hand them out.

Before we did that though me & my wife made t-shirts to wear while we
were doing it, the total cost of our marketing effort being less than
EUR50 not bad (that's right, it wasn't bad it was terrible).

Next we let the world know about our product.


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