Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Failed Busines Part 4

Me and my wife donned our custom made t-shirts and set off, carrying a
bag of flyer's.
First we went to Grafton Street (a main shopping street in the city
center) and found at that time there were only French fan's walking
around before the rugby match, definitely not our customers.
So we then went on down to Mary Street/Henry Street and started giving
out flyer's.
It was a heart breaking experience, no one wanted them, and the few
who did accept one usually threw it away.

2-3 hours later we gave up & went home, I don't know how anyone else
ever manages to do that for a living but giving out flyer's is really
soul killing when it doesn't work.

With my ego & confidence beaten from the previous day we set out for
Rathmines, a wealthy residential area & delivered the flyer's into
people's homes.

Harder work than giving them out on the street but much easier on the
ego, I think we only did 2 very VERY long streets before we went home.

We printed roughly around 6000 flyer's, my guess was we managed to
give away or deliver about 2000, not great but not too bad.

Then we waited (it was a Saturday & Sunday that we did our advertising spree).


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