Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Failed Business, Loose ends

I need to mention a few things I missed.

One of my friend's did some "market research" for me, giving him a questionnaire for people to fill out. He never actually did the survey, he told me people were interested. Good enough for me.

Being new to computers(remember I was a freshman) I knew nothing about blogs, wiki's or any other web authoring tool.

I didn't know how to sell globaly, defeating the purpose of the internet.

I didn't know how to get paid, on my website I was asking customers to write me a cheque.


  • Number 1 rule. Put yourself in the customers shoes! What would you want?
    Number 2 rule. Why should someone buy from you? What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

    By Blogger Darren Woodford, at 4:37 a.m.  

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