Friday, August 05, 2005

How to burn your home down

I stayed up all Wedensday night programming, well at least until 3:30am.
after that I thought, if I go to sleep now I'm not going wake up in time, so
I did what any tired disorientated guy would do. I wateched Pulp Fiction & did sound recordings.

Then arrived in work 1 hour early I can't remember what I actually did, but I'm sure I was busy.

Then cycled home, nearly got hit by motorbike when workmate called me.
Got home, had noodles, put some oven chips in the oven, and went in to watch tv.
I then clised my eyes for just a minute

Nearly 2 hours later I woke up to a loud banging (friends at the door),
talked with them for about 5 minutes. Then went upstairs wondering why it was so smokey.

I forgot about the cooker!!!

All that came out was a tray of little black smelly things hours over cooked.

Stupid sleepy me.


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