Saturday, August 06, 2005

A new kind of dating website

I've been getting very excited by tags lately, in how they have been changing the way a lot of websites used to work. Here's how it's being applied to dating.

Ever use a dating website? Where you search a database of people, based on age, location or even whether they have a picture. In the real world dating or finding a date doesn't really work like that.

However now there is a fantastic dating site totally based on tags, consumating.com
Ever wanted to date a librarian, looneytoons, or someone with glasses?

It's not that this is a great dating site (which it is) but the fact that it uses tags, tags are how we actually think in & that's what makes this site so interesting.

ps. I contacted someone from the site & it's written in Perl with MySQL as a backend, relying a lot on JavaScript for the magic(AJAX).

This is part of the new web, and I'm very excited!
(Thanks fo the pic Antje)


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