Friday, August 05, 2005

Selling my electric bike

I've decided to sell my electric bike.

When I got it I thought that it wouldn't need insurance because it was a bicycle. After using it for 2 months & being stopped by the police at least twice every day (none of them actually knew if it was legal or not) I found the legislation for it.

This was a European Directive stating that anything not a pedalec was a motor vehicle.
A pedalec is something that only HELPS you cycle.

So I had an electric moped with pedals(which were useless unless you ran out of battery).
With tax & insurance being here what it is here(crazy) I couldn't afford to use it.

And what's really anoying it cost me over EUR1350 to get it, the moped cost EUR250 new, then shipping about EUR1000, then import duty of over EUR 150.

I wanted to import & sell them, they would have been a huge hit if it wasn't for the insurance, all the 16 & 17 year old's on my street wanted to buy it from me, thinking back I should have sold it to them.

So it's been sitting in my hall for a good year & 1/2 getting dusty.

And now I'm selling it, for Euro 350.
You will need tax & insurance, it qualifies as a 10cc motor, takes 8 hours to charge(fully) & takes you 30km on one full charge.
Top speed is 30kmh

Apart from insurance its dam cheap to run.

If your interested contact me mccarthyjames [at] gmail [dot]com

(the bike is actually blue, with slight differences from the picture, very slight)


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