Saturday, August 06, 2005

Small family business V The Corporation

Seth has a new post about small is the new big (and a follow up) , how small companies are able to change faster than large ones, and how they can give a personalized service that big ones just can't.

This all makes sense to me, but I've been thinking about taking it one step further, how about small family companies? Think about it, the people involved you know them, hopefully you trust them.
They know who they are working for, and usually what they have to do.

Italy's economy is almost entirely based on the small family business (with the exception of stated started company's such as fiat, most of which are in trouble), when you think of an Italian family business you think of the mama, the papa, & the son working for his inheritance.
These people know the customers names, they know the people in the community.

The family business is a conversation, is it the new old way to go?


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