Friday, August 19, 2005

What went wrong (Part1)

So you've read what happened, and now lets look back to see where I
made (thats me not my wife) the stupid mistakes (my wife didnt make
any mistakes,
she's perfect).

I guess I'll start with the product, the package website. At the time
this had probably been done already, especially with blogging
services. So how did mine compare? In terms of style it it was pretty
terrible, here's an analogy.

Just because a person knows good music when he hears it doesn't mean
they know how to make good music.
And the same applies to good design/style, jsut because you know good
design/style doesnt mean you can create it.

I have great taste in music (IMHO), and I know good design & style
when I see it, but that doesn't make me a musician or designer.

So next time I'm making a website/service whatever I WILL HIRE A DESIGNER.

And was it easy for people to buy? No, it really wasn't. People had to
email me (so everything was done to my time not theirs), they had to
post me a cheque for payment. The whole transaction would take over a
week for each & every ingle case, thats not business on demand!

And all that for 30EUR, which takes me to another point, I was
competing with free here (blogger), and what I did was NOT better than
what was available elsewhere.


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