Friday, August 19, 2005

What went wrong (Part3)

An obvious failure was the market research & marketing, as in I did
none of one and very little, very badly of the other.

I was convinced that people would buy what I was selling, simply
because that was all I knew how to do, & they had better otherwise I
was screwed. My mind was already made up what was being done, &
nothing except having no customers (which is what happened) would stop

Instead of selling people what I want to sell I should give them what
they want, easier said than done but that's a mistake I wont repeat.

And then the marketing, who was I targeting? where was I trying to
sell? I was looking for it in all the wrong places. No no traditional
marketing is for traditional businesses & business models. And even
then it's becoming less effective & more expensive. I did flayers,
giving them out on the street & putting them in peoples door's. It was
spam, physical spam & no one wanted it or read it.

The hughetrain & Cluetrain manifesto has something to say on how it
might be done in this age.


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