Friday, September 02, 2005

Too many people scare me

I seem to have developed a debilitating fear of groups of people (larger than 4 or 5), I've always had this problem but thought that I had overcome it. I spent 3 years just trying to get over this and now it's starting to come back.

Tonight at that wedding, even though I ran into the groom & he asked me in I didn't want to. I started to sweat & got a headache. I did go in but after a minute I couldn't take it.

I just felt that I was somewhere that I wasn't wanted. And most of these people I've know for years some I grew up with!

What the hell is my problem? even when I'm in a group of people I feel like an outsider, even in my own family! There have been a few exceptions to this, and I can't explain why this happened.


  • Turn off your computer and that will help. Trust me. If you are like me you don't wanna bother with ppl unless they understand the difference between composition and inheritance. "Just need to unplug man!"
    Don't worry about groups. Just listen. Don't feel like you have to talk and it will come. Read the newspaper, mages etc and you will have stuff to talk about. Ask other ppl questions find out at least 1 thing about each person you meet.

    By Blogger Darren Woodford, at 4:25 a.m.  

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