Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What wrong with easy?

Why is it that so many computer company's make such lame stuff? How long has the printer (for computers) been around, almost as long as the home computer (pc).

Yet still, after over 20 years they (the printer companys) cant build a printer thats simple to use & just works!

Is that such a hard thing? I mean I hate using printers too, they're such a pain. Even more when they run out of ink. You have 2 choices, fork over a premium for a new cartrige or get your hand dirty with a re-fill, and you really do get your hands dirty.

Here is a great idea to make money, build a nice looking printer. That just works. And doesnt cost a kidney everytime you run out of ink.

Is it an age thing?

My A.I lecturer asked me yesterday to give him a hand getting iTunes to work with his iPod. This guys pretty smart, A.I's a fairly difficult field & he seems pretty good. But he just couldn't understand the whole iTunes thing, it was too easy for him to use.

He kepl asking about the song folders & file locations & things like that. He was totaly unable to grasp the concept of views, or playlists.

And I'm wondering is it an age thing or something else (nature v nurture)?

He's in his late 30's early 40's.


I sold my electric bike a couple of weeks ago, 350 big ones. But it seems the guy was just using me to help him launder money.

He paid me in full for the bike but never came to collect it, and I havent heard from him since.
So I notified him that I'm holding it until December 1st then getting rid of it.

Long story short looks like I'll be giving this electric bike away (for free) if anyone wants it.

Check it out.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back from China

Well, Im back and most things are good. It's great being with my wife & son again even if I never get more than 3 straight hours sleep.

China was hot & big, I hate traveling, I hate flying, it's so uncomfortable & bags are such a pain, my mothers bags were soo overweight, it cost her EUR400.
And there was a problem with my wifes tickets, the travel agent cheated her, we lost some of her baggage weight because of it & had to leave one bag behind.

They also lost one of our bags coming from Amsterdam but got it to us a few days later,un-harmed & un-opened. Realy have to say the KLM people (air hostess) were great, they got a better seat for my wife & son(with a basket) and were just so helpfull & nice throughout the entire flight.
I would definatly recommend them again, I just never want to travel with so many bags again.

Nerver ever will I travel with my mother again, she was like a little kid, couldnt control herself & was no help at all!