Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back from China

Well, Im back and most things are good. It's great being with my wife & son again even if I never get more than 3 straight hours sleep.

China was hot & big, I hate traveling, I hate flying, it's so uncomfortable & bags are such a pain, my mothers bags were soo overweight, it cost her EUR400.
And there was a problem with my wifes tickets, the travel agent cheated her, we lost some of her baggage weight because of it & had to leave one bag behind.

They also lost one of our bags coming from Amsterdam but got it to us a few days later,un-harmed & un-opened. Realy have to say the KLM people (air hostess) were great, they got a better seat for my wife & son(with a basket) and were just so helpfull & nice throughout the entire flight.
I would definatly recommend them again, I just never want to travel with so many bags again.

Nerver ever will I travel with my mother again, she was like a little kid, couldnt control herself & was no help at all!


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