Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Getting in the way

Hate having distractions from programming but it can'tbe helped. I have to start studying for the xmass exams & start applying for jobs.

I applied to the fas overseas graduate program, who get you placement in foreign companys (China for me) but I havent heard back from them.

Anyone fancy offering a talented, bright, motivated & soon to be desperate hacker a job (outside Ireland)?

CRUD's ready!

I have been just sooo busy lately, working on my final year project I hit a major milestone today. CRUD (a web application server written in Ruby) is now usable.

It's going to make building my webappliation soo quick & simple, still need to iron out a few things but ive already started trying to get some of my classmates to use it.

I recon it's around 5-20 times faster to build with than tomcat.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Being early

Two big projects were due in by today. One a distributed program & another a 2 & 1/2 thousand word essay. The funny thing is i got them both in earlier this week. I don't normaly don't do this but it really has it benefits.

For example the calm feeling as I watch 1/2 my classmates scramble to print out their projects around the same time. Only to find problem after problem (no ink, no paper, mysteriously not working).

I think I'll try this "early" thing more often.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Going deaf

I appear to be losing my hearing in my right ear. Listening to my iPod the sound on the right is MUCH lower than on the left, and I'm having trouble understanding what people are saying.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

If the price is right

Well it didn't work, I sold a total or 4 sandwiches, 3 before the concert & 1 after. We (my wife & I) have abandoned the direct to market selling of sandwiches.

And looking over what happend I have to ask myself why didn't it work?
Was it the product?

On this one I don't think so, the sandwiches looked good & had a much higher level of quality than what's in the shops.

Was it the place?

Again no, there was a hotdog stand there selling hotdogs & burgers for 5Euro. Many of the people coming out were pretty hungry.

I think there were 2 problems, one was the fact that I was selling them from a basket, people didn't seem to like that very much (actually they did, many of them laughed). And the other thing was the price.

We were charging 2Euro for the large & 1.50 for the regular sizes, which is great value compared to 3.50 or 4Euro in the shops.

But that's the problem, Ireland is a high costs economy & everyone expects things to be exspensive. If not then they don't buy it.

Let me rephrase that, Irish people WANT things to be more expensive, which is why everything is, in a high cost economy price(lower) is not a competitive advantage.

note1) Not all Irish people, only those who are financially secure; the other kind just make they're own sandwiches.

note2) We had high margins on those sandwiches & all our stuff was bought from Tesco's, just imagine the margines on those sandwiches in the shops.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not a shop but does it matter?

What's wrong with people? I don't have a stall, I don't have a shop but people can see the product is good & at a really good price.

While standing there this morning most people stared at me as they walked by, I myself have never seen someone do what I was doing. It's the norm in countrys like China or in say NewYork (I think).

Skipped the lunch hour, and will try selling outside a concert tonight to see how that goes. Here's hoping.

My second try

Ok so me and my wife are running out of money, we've got about 150 Euro left with no income.
Thats bad, so we have 2 choices.
1) We can try our best to make the money last, but it will eventually run out.
2) We can take a long shot & try to start up a small business that will keep us going until I finish college.

We chose 2, and for the business were making sandwiches. We make about 26 a day & I go around the city centre at luch time with them in a basket selling them.

Best case scenario is we sell them all & get 45Euro a day (before costs), but we do hope we can grow it.

Yesterday was the first day, I fell of my bike on the way into town & lost more than 1/2 the sandwiches. Then I managed to sell about 11. With that & the money some people gave me because they felt sorry for me I had enough to just cover costs.

This morning I sold 2.

I got scammed

Yes, I did.
To the tune of 3000 Euro, which I didnt have.

Here's how it worked.
They send you a cheque for x amount, but worth a lot more than what your selling.
Ask you to cash it & send the rest (after deducting your amount for what your selling)
to a "shipper".

I put the cheque in my account, waited 5 working days (which is how long it's supposed to take for an Irish cheque to clear) and the money was in my account, ok I thought it's legit.

So I sent the rest on, and 3 weeks later my bank manager called me to say the cheque was a fake & he was going to charge the amount to my account (again, 3000 euros).

Well Im trying to fight this,taking it to the Financial services ombusman. My defence being that its the banks mistake & they should pay for it. That they shouldnt cash cheques until they know theyre legit.

There is a slight chance this will work, otherwise I'm getting a loan to pay back the bank.
So before you sell anything on the net google for scams & the website name to see what the scammers are up to.

It's too late for me but not for you.