Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I got scammed

Yes, I did.
To the tune of 3000 Euro, which I didnt have.

Here's how it worked.
They send you a cheque for x amount, but worth a lot more than what your selling.
Ask you to cash it & send the rest (after deducting your amount for what your selling)
to a "shipper".

I put the cheque in my account, waited 5 working days (which is how long it's supposed to take for an Irish cheque to clear) and the money was in my account, ok I thought it's legit.

So I sent the rest on, and 3 weeks later my bank manager called me to say the cheque was a fake & he was going to charge the amount to my account (again, 3000 euros).

Well Im trying to fight this,taking it to the Financial services ombusman. My defence being that its the banks mistake & they should pay for it. That they shouldnt cash cheques until they know theyre legit.

There is a slight chance this will work, otherwise I'm getting a loan to pay back the bank.
So before you sell anything on the net google for scams & the website name to see what the scammers are up to.

It's too late for me but not for you.


  • Too right. Banks fault. Screw the &^%&%. I hate the world. Banks, scammers, building societies, builders, estate agents. Kill the lot!
    Can't you just open another account and don't pay them that 3000? Let them chase you for it rather than the other way around?

    By Blogger Darren Woodford, at 4:18 a.m.  

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