Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My second try

Ok so me and my wife are running out of money, we've got about 150 Euro left with no income.
Thats bad, so we have 2 choices.
1) We can try our best to make the money last, but it will eventually run out.
2) We can take a long shot & try to start up a small business that will keep us going until I finish college.

We chose 2, and for the business were making sandwiches. We make about 26 a day & I go around the city centre at luch time with them in a basket selling them.

Best case scenario is we sell them all & get 45Euro a day (before costs), but we do hope we can grow it.

Yesterday was the first day, I fell of my bike on the way into town & lost more than 1/2 the sandwiches. Then I managed to sell about 11. With that & the money some people gave me because they felt sorry for me I had enough to just cover costs.

This morning I sold 2.


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