Friday, December 09, 2005

Code on Welfare

Most European country's have a fairly good weflare system (Ireland included), where you get enough to live.

The cost to develope software (by yourself) is your time & the cost of the computer (if you dont already have one).

So (theoreticaly) you could go on welfare & use your free time (your unemployed now) to develope software.

Which you could sell later or use to get you a job (impress them with your code).

So if your European (& have a good welfare system) why dont you try it?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dam phone company!!!

Why can't anything in this country be done quickly. I'm trying to get broadband, we have a telephone line into our house but it's inactive. Tried to sign up with SmartTelecome, a few weeks after I applied I called them to see what's up.

They "rejected" the application because the address I gave them was different to what Eircom had (Eircom was our previous telephone company). I went & got an old telephone bill & gave them the address, which was exactly the same as what I gave them before.

So they told me it would be 10 day's from then.

WHY 10 DAYS!!! And if I didn't call them how long would they have waited before telling me it wasn't coming?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Job worries

Oh man, gotta look for a job, what if I can't find one.
What if I graduate & then become a bum?

(Anyone can get a job, the trouble is getting a job I like)